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Shaishav Childrens Clinic

Opp. Vijay Cinema, Laxmi Road, 411030, Pune , Maharashtra, India

+91 02024457234

+91 9960595861, ,



Child Specialist


Open 24Hours


Other Description

We began our journey 30 years back with Shaishav Childrens Clinic dedicated completely to the care of sick children. Over the years this fledgling clinic has remarkably transformed into a pediatric institution and research centre which caters to management of all kinds of childhood illnesses. Our expertise in diagnosis and management of rare and complicated childhood disorders has made us popular as one of the best childrens hospital in the entire Maharashtra region. Our remarkable journey has reached fruition just because of strong support, warm wishes and sense of trust showered upon us by millions of parents whose children were cared at our hospital. Every year our hospital strives to grow and expand and do innovative things in field of pediatrics. Doyen of our institute Dr. Ramchandra Dhongade to this day continues to strive to provide best care and service to his pediatric patients. His post graduate students are now successful pediatricians treating sick children all over Maharashtra this gives him an immense sense of pride and joy. We at Shaishav Childrens hospital are pleased to welcome you with open arms to Pune very own complete childrens hospital. We provide friendly care in a home like setting rather than a big hospital anxiety.

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