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  • Thyroid Nodule

    Thyroid Surgeons

    Dr. Ritesh Agrawal , Roxana Building, 1/A, Adjacent to Income Tax Office Opposite Churchgate Station (E), Maharshi Karve Rd, New Marine Lines, , 400020, Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

    Treatments for Goiter , Solitary Thyroid Nodule, Multinodular Goiter, Thyroid Nodule in Child, Thyroid Nodule in Pregnancy, Thyroid Nodule in Elderly, Nodule casing Hyperthyroidism, Follicular Nodule, Follicular Neoplasm, Follicular Lesion, Hyperplastic Nodule, Cystic Nodule, Detached Nodule, Nodule inside Chest, Nodule in Thyroiditis, Non Cancer Nodule, Cancer in Thyroid Nodule, Cancer Detected after Nodule Operation, Thyroid Cancer, Thyroid Surgery